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15 Tips to Succeed in an Online Class University of Minnesota Online

how to be a successful online learner

You’ll also want to check the online school’s main website for their hardware and software requirements. Click here to learn more about how VWCC’s participation in NC-SARA benefits you as a Distance Learning student. We offer instruction on active listening in lecture, critical reading, good notetaking, regular review, and thoughtful exam preparation. These skills and strategies are relevant across disciplines and at all levels of education. Improve your research skills by mastering Google Search, Google Scholar, Google Books, and other popular resources.

Technology and Applications for Online Learning

Zoom Web Conferencing – Many of your instructors may use Zoom to connect with you for live instruction sessions with your entire class or a one-on-one meeting. Instead of relying on old-fashioned study techniques, find out what your “intelligence type” is and use it to excel. Personalizing your study time should make it more enjoyable and more productive.

Successful Online Learning Strategies: The Importance of Time Management for Students

Planning your schedule carefully and keeping pace with your program will help you keep stress to a minimum. When you’re feeling burned out and tired of staring a screen, don’t slack. She recommends that learners try out a few things and see what works best for them personally. And if they’re struggling, they should talk to their instructors and explain that they have experimented with those techniques or strategies, but they’re still not grasping the material. While reading on your bed or couch can be relaxing, separating work from home is crucial when taking an online course.

Studying in a Dedicated Space

how to be a successful online learner

If you’re not a morning person, don’t plan on doing your coursework before work. If you’re consistently exhausted by 7 p.m., don’t schedule study time for the late evening hours. Some people work best in long uninterrupted chunks of time, others fare better with shorter more frequent sessions. Set yourself up for success by making plans you’ll actually stick to. This flexibility is one of the great benefits of online learning.

  1. If you are pivoting careers and taking courses in order to transition to a different field, it may not be possible or desirable to share this with your employer.
  2. There will be times when you must give your all to your coursework, so make sure to carve out time during the less intense periods to spend time with your family and friends and nurture those relationships.
  3. But the signature quality of a leader at any level is a commitment to continued education and growth.
  4. The online process takes a real commitment and discipline to keep up with the flow of the process.

how to be a successful online learner

It’s important to remember that not all information is intuitive, especially when it comes to policies. The website and course catalog are built in a way that is easily navigable for students, and should be used as a reference point throughout your studies. No matter where you’re enrolled, there are always resources to help you get the most out of your courses. Most accredited higher ed institutions will offer virtual office hours with an instructor, and many will give you access to research databases and other resources.

Below, we share some of this wisdom, covering the strategies, techniques, tips, and traits that can aid prospective college learners in their goal to not only survive online classes, but to excel in them. But, if you develop skills for effective online learning, you’ll find the courses how to be a successful online learner can be an excellent alternative to a traditional classroom setting. Here are some tips for online learning success to make sure you get the most value out of your next class. If you generally struggle with time management, that can also be a problem when taking online classes.

This is not only a poor use of your time and mental resources, but you’re also likely to be caught not paying attention. They can help you understand the material, and it’s always good to have friends. Set daily, weekly, monthly, and term goals to guide you toward the finish line. More Student Technology Assistance and Tutorials – Click here for a full list of assistance and tutorials available for students.

Ensure that you have enough time to dedicate to your course and that you can consistently attend all aspects of the program, including any live teaching sessions. Aim to dedicate the same level of commitment and attitude toward your learning and task completion as you would to a regular, in-person course. Through direct work with students at all levels, she has gained a strong understanding of academic advising, student interaction, and engagement, and the role education can play in improving lives. Her passion for continuous learning and development stands at the forefront of her day-to-day work with students.

Here are some tips for online learning success to make sure you get the most value out of your studies. “Earning a college degree requires spending a big chunk of time concentrated on that work,” Long remarks. Doing so will enable learners to feel a continual sense of pride in their achievements throughout the duration of their studies, which will help motivate them during challenging times. From registration procedures to course descriptions and syllabi, in order to be a successful student you will need to read as much as you can. As an online course-taker, a lot of the information you receive from your instructors will be in text form.

After all, online learning platforms are still relatively new in higher education. Many of us developed learning skills in a traditional classroom. But to be successful in a virtual classroom, you need to adjust your study habits and adapt to new technologies.

Use the tools provided by the school to communicate with your teachers. Many online schools and programs provide several ways for students and/or parents to communicate with teachers and staff. These might include e-mail, discussion groups, chat room office hours, cell phones, and even text messaging. Teachers and staff want to help you to succeed in your classes and will answer your questions.

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